Online Fundraiser

HCC School Council is again offering online donations as an alternative to a fundraising event.  Last year this program brought in just over $3000!  This is not an expectation and I know, for many, times are tough given our current economy.  Please consider this option.  If each parent donated $10 per student we would have well over $3000. 

Money that is raised from Parent Council comes right back to the school.  The vast majority of the money raised goes to each subject area, including PE and Fine Arts.  I know the staff is very grateful for any of the monies they receive from Parent Council, so for that we thank you!

The process will be the same as last year.  An OPTIONAL Parent Council donation fee in the amounts of $10, $25 and $50 are available to be paid on all students’ fees account.   If you wish to donate any of these amounts, just add to the cart when paying school fees.  If you wish to donate a greater amount, please contact the school and we can add whatever amount you would like to your account so you can pay with credit card.  Donation cheques payable to HCC or cash donations are also accepted at the school office.

Mr. Lavern Evans