June 2017 Exam Schedules

JUNIOR HIGH Final Exam Schedule/Permission Slip June 2017

Last day of regular classes for Junior High is June 21, 2017.  On exam days, Junior High students must have signed permission to leave after exams or remain in an assigned room to complete work.  However, if a student has outstanding work, they must remain at school complete their work in an assigned room.  They cannot be given permission to leave school until all work has been submitted, as per school policy.


June 21, 2017 is the last day of regular classes for Senior High.  During exam week, Senior High students attend only on days they have exams and will leave after their exam is done and all course work has been completed/handed in.

Remember that EXAM BANK has practice tests available to assist with studying.  Teachers can provide students with the login/password information.

EXAM STRESS?  CLICK HERE to access an informative brochure!